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You think this is about the movie, don't you? Well it is, but it's also about Father's Day and my adolescent passion for a manga known as Appleseed.

Pro·me·the·us (prōmē`thēəs):
origin: Derived from Greek, meaning: "foresight, forethought"

1. Greek mythology: A Titan (giant), legendary "father" in the creation of mankind -- credited for forming us out of clay & stealing fire to give as an empowering gift. Zeus, King of Olympus and all other gods, sentenced him to eternal torment.
Pandora: the first woman, sent as a torment to punish mankind as well

2. Astronomy: A satellite of Saturn, that with Pandora, holds the F Ring in place (a.k.a. a "shepherd" moon).
note: the F Ring is the outermost & perhaps most active ring of Saturn

3. An epitome of stoic endurance; representation of human striving for knowledge, even in the face of unseen consequences.
ex: The Modern Prometheus, was a subtitle to the novel Frankenstein (1818)

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