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This is one of those words with an unknown origin, that was first documented in 1930. The story is short but, perhaps "sweet."

Today three lawsuits have been filed in district court against the Dandy-O Treats Company, makers of ice cream confections and toppings. The plaintiffs allege, that the company has knowingly and willfully been supplying hazardous and non-legal material to all-you-can eat restaurant chains in the form of desert products. 
Specifically, the suit alleges that toppings, commonly known as jimmies, are not really made of a chocolate-flavored wax substance, but rather, are produced out of human remains. In a press release from the law firm of Duey, Cheatham and Howe, one of the lawyers declared in a horrified tone, "not only are jimmies not the delightful wax product we were led to believe, but, ice cream jimmies ARE PEOPLE!'"

jimmies / JI-mez /: noun. unknown origin tiny rod-shaped bits of usually chocolate-flavored candy often sprinkled on ice cream.

And, it's not really true. These sprinkles aren't people. And, calling them "chocolate-flavored" was possibly overly generous. I admit, I am not fond of these waxy, tasteless things.
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