Sami J (skittles22088) wrote in 1word1day,
Sami J

jejune, wheedle

Well, since accidentally missing last week, I bring you all two words for today!

jejune, adjective

1 - without interest ot significance; dull; insipid: a jejune novel.
2 - juvenile; immature; childish: jejune behavior.
3 - lacking knowledge or experience; uninformed: jejune attempts to design a house.
4 - deficient or lacking in nutritive value: a jejune diet.

Origin 1610 from Latin jejunus meaning "hungry, empty."

wheedle, verb

Used with object
1 - to endeavor to influence a person by smooth, flattering, or beguiling words or acts: We wheedled him incessantly, but he would not consent.
2 - to persuade a person by such words or acts: She wheedled him into going with her.
3 - to obtain something by artful persuasions: I wheedled a new car out of my father.

Used without object
4 - to use beguiling or artful persuasions: I always wheedle if I really need something.

First known use 1660, origin unknown
Tags: adjective, j, latin, unknown etymology, verb, w, wordsmith: skittles22088

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