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an·nu·lar (ˈan-yə-lər):
origin: 1565–75; Latin annulāris, equivalent to annul ( us ) ring (variant of ānulus ) + -āris -ar1

of, relating to, or forming a ring;
➝ ex: the annular diaphragm of a microscope.

In case you haven't seen tonight's "supermoon", this word was chosen to avail another opportunity to view a cosmic effect -- Annular Solar ‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse (May 20, 2012). If you do not fall into the direct path [map], a partial eclipse can still be visible. A warning though, some say Nostradamus predicted major earthquakes that day, which would also coincide with another ancient Mayan/Mesoamerican belief in the return of Quetzalcoatl! Oh yes, and protect your eyes.

image of supermoon unedited, except for watermark

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