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ragi, noun.  An Old World cereal grass, Eleusine coracana, also known as finger millet.

Ragi is traditionally grown in arid areas in India and Africa, and is adaptable to higher elevations.  The harvested seeds can be stored for a long time without being attacked by mold or insects.  Due to the growing popularity of Indian food, the flour can be purchased in America and elsewhere.  It is a gluten-free ingredient.

Ragi is high in iron and calcium, compared to most other cereal grains.  It has the same variety of uses as other grains:  leavened and unleavened bread, porridge, etc., and it can be malted or fermented.  Malted ragi is a popular infant food in some countries.

The common North American weed E. indica (Indian goosegrass) is an ancestor of E. coracana.  Its seeds are also edible, but it would take a long time to gather enough to be useful.

Etymology:  Hindi, meaning 'red' (I think), possibly referring to the color of some of the seeds?
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