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Happy Saturday! Today's story is short, which might be a good thing?
Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of more than 50 million Roman-style shades and roll-up blinds, citing the potential hazard of children becoming entangled in the cords and strangling themselves. Five children have died of strangulation and 16 others have been nearly strangled has been the victim of the dangerous shade cords, a mortality rate of less than .000001%.

Despite the fact that the chances of getting strangled by the shades are far less than the chances of being killed in an auto accident, the commission is not recalling autos. However, in a related story, paper manufacturers across the world are recalling paper, a product which is widely known for being the source of many painful and ugly cuts.

Following the lead of the CPSC, the FDA has announced that, due to the potential hazard that such things as alcohol, narcotics, and even food, present to the American consumer, due to the danger they pose in increasing people's tendency to keck,  They will be recalling all of these items.

keck: / kek / verb. English.  to retch or heave, as if about to vomit. 2. to feel or show great disgust.

Keck is one of those words that is basically derived from the sound from which its meaning is defined. Not the most pleasant pedigree, but, it sure makes it easy to remember.  It's a new-ish word, only been in use for about 100 years. 

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