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taw1 (TAW) - n., a large marble used as a shooter in a game of marbles; a specific game of marbles, also called ringer; the line from which marbles are shot. v., to shoot a marble.

taw2 (TAW) - v., to prepare a skin, esp. to convert it to white leather; (arch.) to flog, thrash.

Plus also several other minor meanings, including an alternate spelling of the Hebrew letter tav. In the US, for taw1 usually only the shooter sense is used, with the others more north England and Scotland usages -- but then, they also call all the marbles taws up there. I don't know how widespread those meanings are in the rest of the Anglosphere -- anyone care to add data? Assuming anyone here has played marbles, what with various card games having taken the place of the playing-for-keeps impulse. Taw2 dates back to Old English, from a PIE root meaning to make; taw1 dates to c. 1710, origin unknown.

Then he shyly showed me his prized possession: a large white taw shot through with clear swirls.

Tags: anglo-saxon, noun, t, verb

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