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Actually, today's word is a close-knit family of words:  jabble, geeble, and everything in between.

1.  to ripple or break in small waves.
2.  to spill; to spatter, wet, bedew.
3.  to cook badly or with a want of skill.
4.  to agitate a liquid
5.  to use constantly as an article of food
1.  a quantity of worthless liquid or half-liquid food.
2.  a confused mixing of a liquid with its sediment.

Gibble refers to a smaller quantity, jabble refers to a larger quantity, and geeble is somewhere in between.
Jabblock (or jabbloch) is said to imply an increase in dissatisfaction rather than quantity.
Geeblick is a diminutive form of geeble, similarly gibblich and jabblick.

According to Transactions of the Philological Society (more fun with Google books), the word implies contempt and dissatisfaction.  It says geeble is used "of cooking, with the idea of want of skill in the cook, and disapprobation and contempt in the speaker."

I'm still puzzling over the "use constantly as an article of food" definition, even after seeing it used in a couple of sentences.
Geeblan is defined as "the continued use of one article of liquid food".  Is this like the ubiquitous Campbell's cream of mushroom soup base in Midwestern cooking?

Etymology:  Scottish, apparently an imitative word.  Jabble, as a verb meaning to agitate a liquid, appears in my World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary.
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