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kedgy, adj.  given to the pleasures of the table; pot-bellied

related words:
kedge:  (noun) the belly, the stomach; (verb) to fill, to stuff
kedge-belly:  a large, protuberant stomach; a full fat belly; a glutton
kedge-gutted:  of an animal that has made itself ill by overeating

The definitions are from The English Dialect Dictionary, from 1902; that implies the word was in use for some portion of 1700 - 1900, and possibly earlier. 

Etymology:  unclear.  It's sometimes spelled cadge.  I've seen suggestions that the word derives from cadger (a butcher, miller, or carrier of any load, or an "itinerant dealer with a pack-horse"), or possibly Middle English caggen, to tie. 
Caggen seems like it might be related to the other definition of kedge (to move a ship with the aid of an anchor).

I'm not sure if kedge is in any way related to cadge (to beg).
I wonder if kedgy is more closely related to the Scottish cadgy (cheerful, wanton, lustful).

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