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imbricate (IM-bri-kit) - adj., arranged to overlap in regular sequence, as tiles on a roof; of, pertaining to, or resembling overlapping tiles or scales. v., to overlap, as tiles, shingles, or scales.

This pretty word was borrowed in the 1650s from Latin imbricātus, past participle of imbricāre, to tile with imbrices, from imbrix, a roof tile + āre, a verbalizing suffix. Main uses these days seems to be art/architecture, for the decorative pattern, and botany, to describe something scaly or the arrangement of petals inside a bud. So mostly technical uses, which is something of shame given the sound. I plan to use it at least five times over the next week, by way of boosting its signal.

The imbricate layers of fabric gave the gown an effect similar to scale-mail.

Tags: adjective, i, latin, verb

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