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sciurine (SEE-yoo-een) - adj., of, pertaining to, or resembling a squirrel.

Or a chipmunk, marmot, woodchuck, or other members of the Sciuridae family of rodents -- but really, this is all about being squirrely. As in eccentric, flighty, possibly a bit of a hoarder. I like the sound of the word -- it's got a scissors thing going, only lighter. Something of a bounding-about feel to it. Especially since it comes from Latin sciūrus, squirrek, from Greek skiouros, from skia, shadow + oura, tail. Shadowtails! Scolding us from the trees, skittering about. Sciurine.

Allie ran about, poking her sciurine nose into everything but helping no one for more than a minute.

Tags: adjective, greek, latin, s

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