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commination, enucleation

I must apologize for missing last week and for very nearly missing this week as well. I could cite dentist appointments and family obligations, but those are just excuses. It really comes down to my simply forgetting that it was Tuesday, twice. I will try to be more aware of the day in the future. I have two words today. I hope neither of them are too common.

commination Latin. (from comminari, to threaten) n. a promise of punishment

I believe that while this word is usually used to describe divine retribution (as some CoE liturgies have a long Ash Wednesday reading of biblical comminations) , it can actually be any type of punishment, heavenly or otherwise.

enucleation Latin. (from enucleare, to remove the pit as from a fruit) n. removal of the nucleus, often specifically used to removal of the eyeball

The use of this word with respect specifically to eye removal is common across criminal forensic fields as well as in taxidermy and butchery. It was completely new to me when I saw it years ago on an episode of Criminal Minds (a crime/mystery drama, if you are not familiar with it) and have since discussed the term with people in each of these professions and was surprised to find that it is so commonly used among them.


When the contributor proved consistently unreliable, her fellows made comminations of enucleation should the problem persist.
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