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brawn.  jellied pig's head, also known as head cheese. 

Etymology:  13th century, from Old French braon, meat or flesh

Recipes often include trotters (feet) as well as pig's head, cooked for a long period of time until the meat is very tender and the broth is very gelatinous; the meat is trimmed from the head and mixed into the gelatin.  Seasonings and vegetables might also be added.  The mixture is referigerated until set.

Different cultures have different names for the same or similar product.  One German version is presskopf.  I never knew my mother's father, but Mom has fond memories of his Depression-era recipe for fried patties of meat from pig's heads (which he could get free or almost free at the local butcher).  He carefully removed every scrap of meat, transferring the mix to a rectangular frying pan fitted with a set of dividers.  The resulting patties were stored in a crock, with rendered fat poured over each layer, and stored for months without refrigeration.  The meat was fried rather than stewed, so it's a bit different than true presskopf.
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