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mysophobia or misophobia (mee-soh-FOH-bee-ah) - n., a pathological fear of dirt or contamination.

It's often described as the former, but in practice is about the latter -- in particular, about being contaminated by germs, to the point of being irrationally avoidant of anything dirty or unclean. It was initially coined in 1879 by a doctor when describing a case of what today would be called obsessive-compulsive disorder, but while the two are sometimes found together they are distinct: you can be phobic without being OCD, and verse-visa. The roots coined from are Greek mýsos, uncleanness, filth + phobos, fear.

We have to cater to my mother's mysophobia and scrub the place top to bottom for a week before she visits, and she STILL finds something to clean.

Administrivia: Next Thursday I'll be traveling out of reach of any internet. Can anyone take over for me?

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