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agrestic [uh-GRES-tik] adj. Latin (agrestis, field) 1. rural or rustic, 2. unpolished, awkward

I didn't think that the etymological link from 'fields' to 'rustic' or 'unpolished' was immediately evident but looking up the adjective 'agrestal' which pertains to uncultivated plants (i.e. weeds and other wild-growing things like brambles) made the connection a bit firmer in my mind.


My ideal vacation would not be to Paris or the Bahamas, but rather a small cabin by a lake; something quiet and agrestic and away from civilized society.


"Samuel!" shouted the governess, "You will use a knife and fork properly or you will not eat! I will not abide such agrestic behaviour at the dinner table."
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