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ineluctable (in-i-LUHK-tuh-buhl) - adj., inevitable, inescapable, not to be avoided.

Though that last way of putting it, which shows up in multiple dictionaries, is weakly worded -- it implies an act of will, but the true sense is it cannot be escaped, rather than is not to be. This was borrowed around 1620 from Latin inēluctābilis, from in-, not + ēluctārī, to struggle or force out of, that last being from ē-, a form of ex-, out + luctārī, to wrestle, which is related to lock, as in an arm lock. Yes, this highfalutin' sounding term comes to us from an ancient professional wrestling term. I like that.

He stared at the empty closet, then back at the note again, five more times, before finally coming to the ineluctable truth: Sarah had indeed left him.

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