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varia, longueur, and a theme request

Two words, to make up for missing last week.

varia, noun.  miscellany, especially a literary miscellany
Etymology:  from Latin varius, various

longueur, noun. a dull and tedious section or passage (as of a book)

Etymology:  French for 'length'

Reading Days

On the worst days
I stop at the bookstore and pick up strays:
Neglected volumes arrayed on aging shelves,
Dust-grayed varia patiently waiting
For need.
I carefully pull them from near-toppling piles
And they prop me up.

On the best days
I curl in my nest and savor longueur:
Passages too tedious for everyday,
Text-black pages patiently waiting
For me.
I happily travel their meandering paths
And they bring me home.

I think it's time for me to stop posting poetry - I have other writing to do now.
But I would still like to post words if that's okay.

So, I could do with a new theme.  Any requests?  Garden-related words?  Obscure words used in science fiction shows?  High-scoring Scrabble words? Fermented foods and beverages?  (I have a book that would allow me to keep a fermentation theme going for years.)

I'll attempt any theme at least once.  Although I suppose it isn't really a theme until I've tried it at least twice. 

Has anyone heard from nerdfury lately?
Tags: french, l, latin, theme: poems, v, wordsmith: ersatz_read

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