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The problems never end Tuesday

attenuate [v. uh-TEN-yoo-eyt; adj. uh-TEN-yoo-it, -eyt]

transitive verb
1. to weaken or reduce in force, intensity, effect, quantity, or value. 2. to make thin; make slender or fine.
3. Bacteriology, Immunology: to render less virulent, as a strain of pathogenic virus or bacterium.

intransitive verb
to become thin or fine; lessen.

1. weakened; diminishing.
2. Botany: tapering gradually to a narrow extremity.


The soprano held out the high note for a few seconds before allowing it to attenuate and dissolve entirely into the silence of the cathedral.

serried [SER-eed]

pressed together or compacted, as soldiers in rows.


The three sisters were serried in the bed like sardines in a can.
Tags: a, adjective, s, verb

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