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facient ('fay shənt)
noun.   1.  a doer; a person who does anything, good or bad.
    2.  (mathematics) a variable of a quantic

adj., combined form.  making, causing (as in somnifacient, hypnotic)

Etymology:  From Latin facere, to do.

I first ran across facinorous (extremely evil), but was having trouble working that into a poem.  It doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but I guess evil shouldn't.

A quantic is a homogeneous function having two or more variables, but that just raises further questions.  Long story short, x^2 + 2xy + y^2 would be an example of such a function, and I think x and y would both be quantics.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled programming...


Some days, the sun shames us;
It runs us through with flames and bravery
And burns away our hesitant thoughts
To make us verbs:
Noble, impatient creatures,
Facients, reaching outward.
Focused on some great purpose,
We're stones thrown into stillness
To stir the mud underneath.
But it will not last,
All ripples on a lake must pass to shore
And be absorbed,
And all who wake in light
Must sleep in darkness
And dream of more.
Tags: f, latin, noun, theme: poems, wordsmith: ersatz_read

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