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Lots of work Tuesday

febrile [FEE-bruhl, FEB-ruhl or, especially Brit., FEE-brahyl]

1. pertaining to or marked by fever; feverish.

2. Having or showing the symptoms of a fever.
3. Having or showing a great deal of nervous excitement or energy.


Paige was so tensely nervous about her blind date that night that her roommate Sarah proclaimed her a 'febrile nut' a number of times before the end of the afternoon.

nous [noos, nous]

1. (Greek Philosophy) mind or intellect.
2. (Neoplatonism) the first and purest emanation of the One, regarded as the self-contemplating order of the universe.

3. a philosophical term for mind or intellect. Outside of a philosophical context, it is used, in English, to denote "common sense," with a different pronunciation.


"Get back on the sidewalk!" Briana screamed at Rob as she yanked him out from in front of a speeding truck. "Haven't you got any nous about crossing the damn street?"

Hey, everyone, if you can spare it, please donate to any of the tsunami relief funds in Japan, such as the Red Cross. Here  is a page full of ways you can donate.
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