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beguin, trachle, and Pi Day

béguin (bay gan'), noun.
1. flirtation.
2. a. infatuation; b. the object of the infatuation

Etymology:  French for "bonnet", and also "crush" (as in s'embéguiner, to "wear a bonnet" for someone)
Seems it's not actually related to "beguile", whose original meaning was closer to "trick" or "deceive".

(trah' Həl)
noun.  1. an exhausting effort, esp. walking or working
      2. an exhausted or bedraggled person
verb, transitive. 1. a. to dishevel; b. to disorder or injure by trampling
      2. a. to exhaust; b. to distress

I saw one case where it was defined as "trouble", but I think they meant it as "go to the trouble of" or "put yourself out".  Which is why I removed it from today's poem:  I wanted to keep the poem - and the word - but couldn't get that meaning to fit right.

Etymology:  Scots tragelen, to walk laboriously. 
Although similar to "trudge", I can't find any evidence that they're related.

Ironically, this is the one week when I had a less-grim poem lined up and ready to go.
Tomorrow is Pi Day (possibly my favorite holiday).
The poem is based, very loosely, on a quote from Stargate SG-1:
"I want to live, I want to experience the universe, and I want to eat pie!"


Oh sweet songs of fluted crusts
Filled with harmonies,
You trouble me,
Exhaust me with options.
But I will try them all before I die,
Those little tarts on the tongue,
That leave me berry-lipped, debauched,
Sugar-high again and
questing for lost crumbs of crust,
Tiny breads between molecular butters
that melt and bake and flake.

No windowsill dalliance this,
Such béguin is fed by dreams of fruits
from a thousand planets,
Grown under a thousand suns.
Oh, to travel the skies and eat of pies:
for pastry and the universe are one.

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