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volar ('vo lər), adj.
Relating to the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot;
specifically, located on the same side as the palm of the hand (the volar part of the forearm).
Etymology:  Latin vola, the palm of the hand, the sole of the foot

The term palmar only refers to hands; volar refers to both hands and feet.
The term referring only to the sole appears to be 'solear' (not 'solar').
Duh - it's "plantar".  I knew that one but totally drew a blank.

There is a heart's beat of pause,
The world halting to register the error,
Then moving on again just as quickly in a hail of scattered gravel,
While I stay behind like a monument.
The car,
Leaving volar imprints,
Tattoos to mark the event of your death.
What should I have done different?
What could have I done, to place us somewhere else?
To place us safe at home in bed:
A long weekend, dozing palm-to-palm
In sunlight.

Comedy's hard...I really will write a cheery poem someday.

Oh, also...I was thinking to shift my posting day to Wednesday (American time) or, more likely, the very late part of Tuesday that counts as Wednesday.  I'm guessing no one has an opinion on this  besides me, but let me know if you do.
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