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sorites (sə 'ri teez), noun.
An argument consisting of propositions so arranged that the predicate of any one forms the subject of the next, and the conclusion unites the subject of the first proposition with the predicate of the last.

Singular and plural forms look the same.
Lewis Carrol / Charles Dodgson was fond of sorites.

Etymology:  from Greek soros, heap.  The "paradox of the heap" is roughly this:  if you have a heap of sand and remove one grain, then another grain, and so it still a heap when only one grain remains?  If not, when did it stop being a heap?  Personally, I think that discussion is more about the vagaries of language than it is about anything else.

Every end is an equation of events,
   a math of the items that created the loss.
Your chest rises...
Every event is an act of defiance,
   an insult to the oblivion that patiently waits.
Your chest falls...and rises.
Every defiance begins with intent,
   a spark of thought, always restless for change.
Eyes trade a knowing look:  anticipation.
Every intention needs a source, a beginning,
   a stake to mark your hold on events to come.
I take your hand.
Every breath is an event:
   an act of defiance between beginning and end.

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