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I am a rock Tuesday

impinge [im-PINJ]

intransitive verb
1. to make an impression; have an effect or impact (usually followed by on or upon )
2. to encroach; infringe (usually followed by on or upon )
3. to strike; dash; collide (usually followed by on, upon, or against )


"I know you said Amy totally impinged on your pride when she beat you at air hockey," Dan panted to Eric over the humming table, "But that's no reason to make me play thirty-seven games with you just so you can beat her."

condign [kuhn-DAHYN]

well-deserved; fitting; adequate


This is an easy word, but I'm trying to think of something really witty to write here, and nothing's coming to me. Can someone come up with a witty sentence for 'condign?'
Tags: adjective, c, i, verb

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