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ricasso, fuller

I live in Wisconsin, but this post is sword-themed, not Superbowl-themed.  So sue me.

ricasso (ri 'ka so), noun.  The section just above a sword's guard or handle.  It's often unsharpened and unbeveled, and then can be used to shorten one's grip ("choke up") to change the control and maneuverability of the sword.  Sometimes the maker's mark will be on the ricasso.  The corresponding section on a knife might be called the choil.

fuller \ˈf-lər\, noun.
1.  a person who fulls cloth (shrinks and thickens by moistening, heating, and pressing)
2.  a tool used for grooving and spreading iron, used in blacksmithing
3.  a groove made by a fuller

On a sword, a fuller is a groove in the blade, which lightens it while retaining strength and flexibility. 
It's primary purpose is not to help the victim's blood flow.

Etymology:  Old English fullare to walk/trample, from Latin fullo.

The terminology of swords and swordsmanship contains many cool words;
the Albion Swords site is one of the many places to read more.

Old Wounds

A letter -
As much relic as the tool in my hand:
Symbols of absent times,
Slower conversations, and more personal deaths.

I slice seal from paper,
Let ink spill, let words run through.
Your ricasso'd pen, all tight control,
Exacts bloody toll from raw fears.
So many years we've pressed advantages,
Bearing our undressed wounds and mythic hopes.
But to stand my ground, I'd need a fullered heart:
A stronger and more flexible partnership.
We speak only of weakness now, and the merciful cut.

This is it, then, the retreat from the field;
I yield you what prize remains,
Excise your text from my flesh with freshly heated blade,
Gain unsteady feet, and quietly walk away.
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