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daedal, anophelosis

Posting my Sunday words-and-poem early, as I'll be away from the computer tomorrow.

\'dee dəl\, adjective.
1.  ingenious, skillful
2.  variously adorned; diversified
3.  intricate; mazelike

The use seems mainly restricted to poetry, and not much recently.  Shelley's used it a couple of times.
In Greek mythology, Daedelus created the labyrinth where the Minotaur was kept.

Etymology:  from the Greek daidalos skillful; skillfully wrought. 

anophelosis (an 'of elosis), noun.  a morbid state due to extreme frustration.

I feel a little sheepish posting this word, as my primary source is the vocabulary from the credits of Pinky and the Brain.

Etymology:  Greek ophelos advantage, gain, or profit; something heaped up; anophelos without any benefit


A daedal team halts,
Grim, thin-lipped, and tired of it all;

One by one they cry,
"And the horse you rode in on".
One by one, they go.
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