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glabella, milpa

glabella \glə-'bel-ə\ noun. the smooth prominence on the forehead immediately above and between the eyebrows.
(#3 on this picture).  Also called mesophryon...or maybe the mesophryon only refers to the central point of the glabella?
Apparently there is a "glabellar reflex" - blinking the first few times one is tapped on the glabella - that is apparent in newborns but normally disappears by adulthood.

Etymology:  from Latin glabellus, a dminutive form of glaber smooth.  Same origin as glabrous.

milpa \'mil-pə\ noun
1. a) a small field in Central America that is cleared from the jungle, cropped for a few seasons, and abandoned for a fresh clearing.
  b) a maize field in Mexico or Central America.
2. the maize plant

Etymology:  Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl milpan.

I prepare a home for the latest distraction,
A free place in my mind,
The glabellar clearing on my brow
Smoothed of worry to display my new peace.
Nothing else is allowed to grow here:
While I focus, nothing can find me here.
I hide order in a jungle of thoughts,
Like a milpa, tended for a few seasons,
And then the world
And all its troubles
Move on.

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