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Misclad, Resipiscence, Forplaint

Hi folks!

It appears I've got a little lax again in posting and observations; my apologies! Little excuse, but Things have become a little out of hand at work, so much so that what little time I have before and after work is now spent writing cover letters and checking job sites.

Also, an app on my iPhone (EpicWin - it's a great little to-do program that turns your Things To Do into an RPG!) inadvertently deleted my Google Calendar reminders to post. It's been fixed now, fortunately. Check the app out!

To make up for it, three words:

Misclad [mis-klad]

Inappropriately dressed; wearing wrong clothes.

Mis- + clad, covered in clothes.

Real Usage
1494 Fabyan Chron. iii. liv. 35: [He] chaunged his armure and dydde vpon hym the Armoure of a Brytayne, and by that meane as a Bryton mysclad [etc.]

Resipiscence [res-i-pi-scence]

Repentance for misconduct; recognition of errors committed; return to a better mind or opinion.

From French ésipiscence, or Latin resipiscentia, 'to recover one's senses, come to oneself again,'

Real Usage
1570 T. Norton tr. Nowel's Catech. (1853) 177: Sinnershave need of repentance, which some like better to call resipiscence or amendment

Forplaint [for-plaint]

Tired of complaining.

Real Usage
1423 Jas. I Kingis Q. lxxiii: For lak of myght and mynd, For-wepit and for-pleynit pitously.

My workplace has become increasingly worse and worse a place to work, and just as myself and my colleague are forplaint of the poor treatment of staff, some of us have finally snapped. With recent additions to policy that now make our working lives so much more difficult, including watching as our colleagues get issued formal warnings for being misclad - even on weekends - for as little as wearing jeans and a nice polo shirt - we are finally resipiscent of our decision to work for this, frankly, bullshit organisation.

The hardest part? Last time I put out my resumé, I was getting paid $18 per hour and ecstatic at that. Now I find I have to search for jobs at $45,000+ per year!
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