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fear of abandonment Tuesday

I'm filling in for rainbow_yarn  today, but will spare you my usual poetry addendum.

relict \'re likt\ or \'rel ikt\, noun.
1. widow
2. (ecology) a. a persistent remnant of an otherwise extinct flora or fauna or kind of organism.
   b. something that has survived
3. (geology) a. a relief feature or rock remaining after other parts have disappeared.
   b. something left unchanged

Etymology:  in sense 1, Middle English relicte, from Medieval latin relicta, feminine past participle of relinquere, to leave behind;
in senses 2 and 3, from Latin relict, residual, from Latin relictus, left behind.

relic (remains, souvenir, memento),
derelict (abandoned, run-down, vagrant, negligent),
and relinquish (leave behind, give up, yield)
all have similar word origins
Tags: latin, middle english, noun, r

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