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Hello! I trust everyone's holidays are progressing smoothly and with a minimum of angst!

Today, we have several words!

Yesterneve [yes-tern-eve]


Yesterday evening.


From Old English eyrstan (yesterday) + aefen (even).

Other old and obsolete (though hopefully no longer!) words to describe time include:
  • Hesternal; of or relating to yesterday
  • Nudiustertian; of or relating to the day before yesterday
  • Overmorrow; of or relating to the day after tomorrow
  • Postriduan; of or relating to the following day
  • Yestermorn; yesterday morning.

As of today, my hesternal activities included drinking lots of tea and playing Goldeneye on the Wii on yestermorn, which did wonders to cure me of my hangover, brought on by my nudiustertian excesses. Yesterneve, I had a Boxing Day party at a friend's extremely large house, which I am paying for today! My postriduan activities will likely be washing clothes and relaxing as much as possible, as on the overmorrow, I return to work after six days off.

Fortunately, it's only for one day and then I have another two off!
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