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florisugent, muscovado: sweet Sunday starter post

Time for my first post (thanks Nerdfury!).  Sundays (American time) seem quiet more often than not; let me know if I'm encroaching on someone's time slot.
The basic idea is to post a word then write a poem that uses it.  Actually, it seems easier with a second word - a better sense of direction - so this post will usually be a twofer.

florisugent (flor-uh-SOO-jent), adjective.
(of birds and insects) sucking nectar from flowers
Etymology:  Latin, flores flower + sugere to suck

muscovado (mus-kuh-VAY-doe)
noun. a dark raw sugar derived from the juice of sugar cane, by evaporation and draining off the molasses
adj. of or having to do with raw sugar
Etymology:  alteration of Spanish mascobado, (sugar) of lowest quality; from mascabar, to depreciate
Like florisugent bees, intent,
We hum with collected purpose,
Drawing sugar from the land:
Beets and canes and stalks,
Oils and syrups and ores,
Capitalism and works of art.
Converting calories to industry,
Us raw humans, the muscovado of intelligent beings:
Sweet and strong and low-seeming.
We coat the world, this truffle-earth
Filled with the raw nectar of potential,
Which waits to melt in the mouth of the sun.
Tags: adjective, f, latin, m, noun, spanish, theme: poems, wordsmith: ersatz_read

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