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Hi everyone. Apologies once again for missing the last couple of weeks, and for being pretty quiet in terms of updates and comments. For the last couple of weeks, I've been suffering from excruciating back pain, issues accessing LJ, issues accessing the internet, a cold and various other inconveniences.

I still have a cold, and I'm late, but I feel well enough to actually write up a word!

Cellarhood [sel'ar-hood]
noun; nonceword

The state of being a cellar.

Cellar (store-house or store-room for provisions; a granary or pantry) + -hood (condition, quality, rank).

Real World Usage
1859 Sala Tw. round Clock (1861) 361:
Jow it [Evans's supper-room] emerged from a state of brawling night cellarhood, to the dignity of a harmonic meeting.

Along with tabelity (the condition of being a table) and paneity (the state of being bread). cellarhood is a wonderful example of how the English language is used to describe things that aught not need description.

I'd like to introduce our newest poster to you, ersatz_read, who has agreed to post some wordy poetry for us all! Make her feel welcome, and make sure you comment on her posts!

As always, if anyone is interested in a substitute role, themed posting or has any queries, questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me via private message or (preferably) via email at!
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