Marie of Romania (miss_daizy) wrote in 1word1day,
Marie of Romania

I dropped the ball last week with being the family's Thanksgiving host. My apologies and an extra word.

bellibone n [bel'li·bone]

A woman excelling both in beauty and goodness; a fair maid.


F. belle et bonne beautiful and good.


Pan may be proud, that ever he begot
such a Bellibone,
And Syrinx rejoyse, that ever was her lot
to beare such an one.

The Shepheardes Calender: April by Edmund Spenser

logy adj. [(LO-gee]

dull and heavy; sluggish, groggy

1848, Amer.Eng., perhaps from Dutch log heavy; akin to Middle Low German luggich lazy


With the holidays approaching, I hope this year to actually limit my intake of food and alcohol so as not to spend most of the month in a logy and useless state.

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