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Beadledom [bee-duhl-dom]


The embodiment of the characteristics of beadles as a class; stupid officiousness and ‘red-tapeism.’

From Beadle: This word has about a dozen varying defiitions, but tends to all regard a town herald/town crier; one who merits out mandates or news.


From various Teutonic, Middle English, Roman, French and Germanic words over the centuries - way too many to work out. Here's what the OED has to say:

[Originally OE. bydel (= MDu. *bödel, Du. beul, OHG. butil, MHG. bütel, Ger. büttel):—OTeut. *budilo-z, derivative of biud-an, in OE. béodan, OHG. biotan to offer, present, deliver, announce, command. Some form of the Teutonic was adopted in Romanic: cf. It. bidello, Pr., Sp., OF. bedel, F. bédeau, med.L. bidellus, bedellus; and in ME. the Fr. form bedel gradually superseded the native bydel. The ordinary modern spelling is beadle, but the archaic forms beadel, bedel, bedell, are in use in specific senses.]

If you can work that out, you are awesome.

Historical Usage
1860 Temple Bar I. 80: The defeat of beadledom and vestrydom.

1861 Blackw. Mag. 732: [Words] which serve to express the relationship supposed to exist between the higher and lower grades of English society. Flunkeyism, plush, beadledom, lordolatry.

At work, there is a collection of individuals that aren't really any better than us lower-class of employee, but who have recently been promoted to ranks such as 'Change Champion' or 'Customer Follow-Up Lead.' In fact, they're actually pretty poor at their normal job, let alone their new ones, but they each have a sense of self-importance that only comes with being newly introduced to beadledom.

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