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One who avoids military service by securing a post in a government office or the Civil Service.

From the French embusquerm to ambush.

Historical Usage
1916 J. Buchan Greenmantle i. 4:
Not some embusqué business in an office, but a thing compared to which your fight at Loos was a Sunday-school picnic.

1955 Times 21 May 9/4:
A number of idle and ill-disposed embusqués, whose principal aim in life is to blight their husbands' military career.

I love my country - and I also love freedom - but I don't share the same patriotic sense of duty that others, especially in the past, may have felt towards joining the army and knocking off a few Jerries or Commies for their countries. That said, if war ever rolled around my way, I would not hesitate to become an embusqué. Which seems, to me, a lot safer than just shooting yourself in the foot to get out of military service.
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