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Again, continuing on the untranslatable theme...

Torschlusspanik or Torschlußpanik singular noun, hear it pronounced here
Literally translated as gate-closing panic, the feeling that medieval peasants had when the castle gates were closing for an upcoming onslaught by enemies.
More commonly, it refers the the anxiety one feels as opportunities begin to diminish with one's age. 

Torschlusspanik ist ein schlechter Ratgeber.  Torschlusspanik is a bad adviser.
With my boyfriend's biological clock ticking (his own torschlusspanik), I am acutely feeling the torschlusspanik of getting an adult job and getting married.  Maybe I can still join the Peace Corps when the next torschlusspanik of my midlife crisis hits?
Tags: german, noun, t, theme: untranslatable

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