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Maintenance Post

Hi guys!

Apologies for missing my word for the last few Sundays - I've been sick, unfortunately. Small excuse, but I can't think about awesome words when I'm sick! Instead, however, I've got another few things to look into.

Sub roles and themed posters
A few people have expressed an interest in one, the other, or both, but haven't yet contacted me with any more details - I've been waiting for your emails!

Anyone who is interested in a substitute role or themed posting is welcome to apply! Substitute roles are for anyone that would like to post when regular posters won't be available, when regular posters no longer want to post, or when regular posters lax in duties. Themed posters are people who do regular themed posts on an area they're interested in or study, or anything at all - as long as it holds a theme. This could be anything from 'science words' and 'words derived from Latin' to more specific topics like 'words from games' or 'words that rhyme with purple and orange.'

Anyone interested, please send an email to with a sample or two of what youcan do!

I've been advised by brbplayingchess that some cheeky buggers have somehow bypassed the restriction on posters. The posts have been deleted, and apologies for it. I've emailed LJ to ask how it could have happened, and am awaiting their reply. I have considered making the community invite-only/approved members only, but I think it might be too tight a restriction. I guess we'll just keep a close eye on the spam, and keep banning as needed. Once again, I ask for my posters to keep an eye on their replies and delete spam as necessary.

Twitter and iPhone
A little while ago, I broached the subject of manning a Twitter feed and a Facebook feed. The lovely brbplayingchess is looking after our Facebook feed, and I have just set up 1word_1day on Twitter. I still need to work out how to go about crossposting, or even if my legendarily poor short-term memory will result in me forgetting to update it (I may need a trusted volunteer!), but feel free to follow now!

I also raised the idea of having an iPhone app to essentially crosspost from here to an RSS feed, in app form. With the new group of people following our little community, it might be an idea to raise it again. If anyone here has any experience in creating apps, or knows someone who would like to, can you please comment or email me at

Opening the Gates!

Finally, I'm thinking of running a month where I open the gates and let everyone post their favourite words. Some people have previously expressed concerns about their FList being spammed. Others didn't want to open the comm to potentially harmful aspects. I like the idea of a Bring Your Word To Work Day, but am interested in feedback about how we can best ensure quality and no spam.

Thanks everyone for being such great members, and apologies again for the lack of wordy action on my behalf - I'm starting to feel better, and look forward to resuming my posts likely by nest week!
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