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Gah! Normally if I can get my post in before brbplayingchess, I can still claim on time! *shakes fist* I should edit her post to later than mine. :D

Exsibilation [ex-si-bi-lay-shun]

The action of hissing someone off of the stage; ignomious rejection.

From Latin exsibilare, ex- out + sibilare to hiss.

1842 De Quincey Pagan Orac. Wks. VIII. 184: The brief exsibilation from the stage by the stern Roman of all Greek testimony.

There are many grand traditions that have died out, and are no longer passed onto our children: standing when a lady enters and leaves, learning to tie seventeen different knots, how to tie a bow-tie. And, of course, the correct exsibilation of  a poor performance off of the stage.
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