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Oh man, I just can't get rid of this gorram cold! It's some weird strain that makes me forget to do things like post words on time. Someone make me some soup, please? :D

Gobemouche  [gaw'ber-moosh]

One who credulously accepts all news, however improbable or absurd.

From French, gobe-mouches (from gober to swallow + mouche fly) flycatcher (bird and plant), credulous person.

Use In Literature
1818 E. Blaquiere tr. Sig. Pananti 52 Such a representation the gobes mouches of Florence might have readily magnified into a change of religion.

By the gobemouche expression on my colleague's face, he still hadn't realised that I wasn't actually quite telling the truth when I said 'gobemouche' wasn't in the dictionary. Gullible still was, though!
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