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1. A sound signaling the call to attack. A battle cry.
2. A reward handed down by a superior (obsolete usage.)


Some interesting etymology here, folks! When the now-obsolete definition was still in use was derived from the Middle English waryson, meaning protection dervied again from the Middle English garisoun meaning the same, from the Anglo-French garisun meaning healing, from the Old High German garir, meaning to protect. However, our modern usage came about simply due to a misunderstanding in 1805 by Sir Walter Scott.

"Under the cover of fog Sir Henry's troops waited for their signal to attack, their leader having said they would know the signal when it came upon their ears. However some of the less intelligent soldiers took a crow's call to be the warison they waited for and charged both themselves and their fellow men into a battle they were not yet prepared for."

Love Tahlia. COLD.
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