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 Thanks to everyone for your great feedback on how well I'm doing, as well as on my suggestions. It seems a few of you are interested in both themes and open posting times, and so I'll definitely do both! To address the concerns on having your Friends Lists filled with wordy spam, don't worry - I'd already thought of that, and when I do open the gates, it'll be on moderated posting only. Depending on the number of posts, I'll likely only post a certain amount per day, and only for a certain time.

Regarding themes, I'm glad there's such a big interest in it! So, here's your chance to throw in your suggestions/wishlists for theme ideas! Just comment with your grand idea for a theme week, and I'll add it to the list for consideration. Don't be shy - if you don't voice your ideas they'll never get used.

Now, onto my word:

Epizeuxis [eh-pi-zyook-sis]


A figure by which a word is repeated with vehemence or emphasis. As in "no, no, NO!" or "why, why WHY!?"

From Greek , 'a fastening upon.' From , from  'upon' +  'to yoke.'

First seen
1589 Puttenham Eng. Poesie iii. xix. 167 Ye have another sort of repetition, when ye iterate one word without any intermission, as thus—It was Maryne, Maryne, that wrought mine woe - The Greekes call him, Epizeuxis, the Latins Subiunctio.

Only earlier tonight I walked past a house in my street where, with the window open, I heard an awkwardly-played rendition of some classical song or another on piano, as if by an untrained hand, and followed swiftly by an epizeuxis of words as the stern piano teacher berated them for not practising harder!

Also, apologies for the awkwardly placed Greek words. I spent the better part of over an hour working out how to get them into my post, and eventually settled on saving my OED page as a HTM document, opening that in Dreamweaver, taking a screenshot, opening it in Photoshop, cropping the words and sticking them here as images. And then when I realised they were weird lookin' I figured screw it - I'm tired and going to bed!
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