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struthiform (STROO-thi-form) - adj., shaped like an ostrich.

Yes, my friends, step right up, because you may not need this word every day, but when you do you will NEED this word. And you don't want to be without it, let me tell you. And today only I have it at a special bargain, just for you. These are hand-made from high-quality Latin roots -- struthuio, meaning ostrich, itself from Greek strouthion, an alteration of strouthos, bird, + premier Latin -form, shape of. You won't find a good a word as this anywhere else, my friends, and I can give it to you, today, for only $20. What do you say, gentlemen?

Gentlemen? Hello?

'Struth, but that kid's hand-shadow ostrich is not very struthiform.


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