Marie of Romania (miss_daizy) wrote in 1word1day,
Marie of Romania

Two Word Wednesday

Sorry about missing last week. Have an extra word to make up for it.

belletristic adj. bel-li-tris-tik

written and regarded for aesthetic value rather than content;
versed in literature; dealing with literature


belles-lettres "elegant literature, aesthetics," 1710, from Fr., lit. "fine letters," from belles, pl. of belle, fem. of beau "fine, beautiful" + lettres, pl. of lettre "letter." The literary equivalent of beaux arts

ratiocinative adj. rash-ee-os-uh-ney-tiv

based on exact thinking
capable of or reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning
of, relating to, marked by, or skilled in methodical and logical reasoning


1530; from L. ratiocinare "to calculate, deliberate"


To someone with a curious mind, a desire to learn and appreciation of the delights of a well-turned phrase, the enjoyment of ratiocinative writings and of belletristic novels comes naturally.

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