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Mornin' folks! Apologies for missing last week. Luckily, I'm finally over my brief foray into being sick.

Quomodocunquise (-ize) [kwo-moh'doh-kun'qwise]

To make money in any possible way.

From Latin quomodocunque, meaning in whatever way. From Latin quomodo (or quo modo), literally 'In what way?' questioning the way/manner/means for something to be done.

First seen
1652 Urquhart Jewel Wks. (1834), 213: Those quomodocunquizing clusterfists and rapacious varlets.

You know, I couldn't think of a good sentence to use, but really - why would I when the perfect one is up there? Those quomodocunquizing clusterfists and rapacious varlets!

Now there's a good, old-fashioned way to insult someone!
Tags: latin, q, verb, wordsmith: nerdfury

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