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Evening folks! Slightly late again - I knowm I'm a bad man. Unfortunately I'm also a sick man. STILL. *grumbles*

Today's word is disgusting!

Lant [lant]
verb or noun

Alternative spellings
hland, hlond, land, leint

Noun - Urine, esp. stale urine used for various industrial purposes, chamber-lye or beer.
Verb - To mingle with lant, esp. beer or liquor.

In times past, urine used to be an ingredient in many things, including remedies, in use bt barbers, used to wash the dirt and oils from wools before processing and even added to beer and other liquors to make them stronger or make it last longer.

c1000 Sax. Leechd. I. 362 Wearras & weartan on weg to donne nim wulle & wæt mid biccean hlonde. (that's for the Old English nuts here ;)
1630 Tinker of Turvey Ded. Ep. 5 I have drunke double~lanted Ale, and single-lanted, but never gulped downe such Hypocrenian liquor in all my life

The etymology is pretty sketchy, and all I can find out is that it's from Old English hland or hlond, and the form lant seems to belong to the North-Western dialects of Lancashire. There's no further information on what it's supposed to mean, so I'll assume it's just the word for 'urine.'

I love beer. Never used to, mind - used to think it tasted like lant. Now I'm a beer enthusiast, and often tell people that drink cheaper beers that they're cheap because bar staff lanted the barrels. Of course, it was true back in the day! Perhaps urine was cleaner back then, just like music was better, and children were more polite to their elders. Possible, but my guess was hygenic standards were just waaay lower.

Bonus round!

Hypocrenian [high-poh-creen'i'an]

Pertaining to Hypocrene, obs. form of Hippocrene. Name of a fountain on Mount Helicon, sacred to the Muses; hence used allusively in reference to poetic or literary inspiration

Derived from Latin Hippocrene, from a Greek word I can't write into LJ (stupid Greek letters!). 'Fountain of the horse.' So called because it was fabled to have been created by a stroke of Pegasus' hoof.
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