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Um, so I ran out of time to do this at home, so I'm doing it at work - unfortunately, most of the details like the Greek definitions got lost when I emailed the details to my work address, so I'm gonna have to skip some details.

Matæotechny (Mataotechny/Mataeo/technie) [ma-tay-oh-tek-nee]

An unprofitable science or skill.

Um.. It's Greek, and the only info that came through when I emailed it to work was that mataeo is something in Greek for vain, and techny was something in Greek for art?

First seen
1576 Newton Lemnie's Complex. To Rdr.,
Such a peevish practice, and unnecessary Matæotechny.

It's been a common point of discussion between a friend of mine and I that scientists should stop with mataeotechny, like curing things or ending world hunger, and concentrate on building us teleporters, lightsabers and hover cars!
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