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Sorry for missing last week - I'm such a bad maintainer! Unfortunately, the same injury that plagued me a few weeks ago is still present. Though I can move my arm without pain, my shoulder has some lingering ligament damage that sometimes hurts like whoa. Last SUnday was one such time! I'll try to avoid making a habit of it, though.

Today's word is:

Sansculottic [sans-kyoo'lot'ik]

1. Without knee-breeches, usually explained as one wearing trousers instead of knee-breeches, which was a sign of poorer classes.

2. In the French Revolution, a republican of the poorer classes in Paris. An extreme republican or revolutionary.

3. Without breeches, unbreeched; hence, inadequately or improperly clothed.

From French sans + culotte (without knee-breeches). So, sansculotte + ic

First seen

1822 C. Butler Remin. xv. 211
The reader probably remembers the sans-culottic exhibitions, equally ridiculous and disgusting, of the Goddess of Reason.

It's a constant source of frustration for the managers of my workplace, who regularly ask their sansculottic staff to dress more appropriately for a place of business. We're not asking for full suits and blouses, but we'd kinda like it if the guys could wear something more appropriate than board-shorts and t-shirts, and if the girls would stop wearing oversized shirts over leggings!
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