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Evening, folks.

Thanks for all your kind words last week about my injury - for anyone curious; my arm, hand, and wrist are pretty much better, though still very sore. On the plus side, I can at least type without issue now!

Thanks also for all your nice words on my vocal rendition of Sunday's word! It's something I'll definitely consider doing again for you. Anyone else that wishes to give it a try is more than welcome to! Anyone who records their word can send me a copy of the recording, and I can upload it to my personal space, and even edit out any awkward gaps or whatever for you.

If you want to host it yourself, I used This Site Right Here to create that neat little playback bar.


Dulcarnon [dull'kar-non]

A dilemma; a person in a dilemma

From Latin dulcarnon, corrupted from Arabic al'qarnayn 'two-horned,' 'bicornis, cornutus'; lit. ‘lord or possessor of the two horns.’

Literary First
Circa 1374: Chaucer Troylus iii. 882:
I [Crisseide] am til god me betire mynde sende, At a dulcarnoun ryst at myn wittis ende.

I find myself in a small dulcarnon, for two of our posters have revealed recently that they will be unable to post - prettygoodword is heading off to the Alps, it seems, and won't be able to spare time from taking pretty pictures of mountains and fjords to post every week, andcecilegrey has mentioned that she's looking for a replacement for Fridays, as she no longer wishes to post.

So, my dulcarnon, is that I need someone to fill in for one temprarily, and one permanently! I know there were a few other people who expressed interest, so would any of you fine folks be interested in a temporary or permanent assignment?

To prettygoodword, I hope you have a fantastic time overseas! You must promise to post photos! And to cecilegrey, if you're still looking at bowing out, its been great having you and your great words here at the community!
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