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Plangent adjective, /ˈplændʒənt/ Show Spelled[plan-juhnt]
Means  Resounding loudly, esp. with a plaintive sound, as a bell; having a loud reverberating sound; having an expressive and especially plaintive quality
             (Bonus word: plaintive means expressing sorrow or melancholy; mournful)
Comes from  1815–25; < L plangent- (s. of plangēns), prp. of plangere to beat, lament.
Alternatively plangency, noun and plangently, adverb
Example  Stetson Kennedy devoted years infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan in an attempt to learn their secrets and destabilize their hold on post-WWII America.  It wasn't until he began feeding those secrets to the writers of the Superman radio show for their series in which Superman fights the KKK that he was able to accomplish this.  Rather than hearing the plangent tones of a dying undercover group that Kennedy so yearned for, it was the cries of outraged embarrassment as the Klan's most important secrets were infantilized by children acting out Superman's adventures.

A note:  I will be at a memorial service next Saturday, 4/17/10, and will not be able to update.  I've discussed this with our esteemed moderator but I had a thought that I will throw out to the group at large- if anyone would like to update in my place I would very much appreciate it.  If more than one person is interested, I would love to see a whole day of fun posts from the quieter members in the community if it is not a strain on the moderator to coordinate it.  Another option would be to message me with your write up during the week and I would be happy to put it to together in a post to be updated that day.
Also, and I'm sorry I didn't think to mention this earlier, Blake- I will also be gone on 5/8/10 if anyone is also interested.  Thanks everyone, and have a good weekend.
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