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Medicine here is too expensive Tuesday

I should have warned about last week in advance; I went out of town and was therefore unable to use a computer. In accordance with the law, you all get two words today, both courtesy of Jane Austen and her witty writing.

brevity [BREV-i-tee]

1.shortness of time or duration; briefness

2.the quality of expressing much in few words; terseness


Betty's chances of staying out at a club all night were all but shot down in front of her; the brevity of her mother's answer informed Betty of the woman's foul mood and unwillingness to bestow favors. Betty instantly resolved to go ask her father at the first opportunity.

tincture [TINGK-cher]

1. (Pharmacology) a solution of alcohol or of alcohol and water, containing animal, vegetable, or chemical drugs.

2. a slight infusion, as of some element or quality

3. a trace; a smack or smattering; tinge

4. (Heraldry) any of the colors, metals, or furs used for the fields, charges, etc., of an escutcheon or achievement of arms.

5.a dye or pigment.

verb (used with object)
6.to impart a tint or color to; tinge.

7.to imbue or infuse with something.


While I think some sports can be interesting, I can't play at all myself, for I haven't got even the tiniest tincture of talent where physical movement is concerned.

You'll see I underlined the definition with which Jane Austen and I were actually concerned.
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